NFL’s Roger Goodell Shocked To Find Out Referee Flags Aren’t Thrown For Illegal Hits At Home


In recent weeks, the NFL has come under an enormous amount of scrutiny regarding players involved in domestic abuse, both spousal and child. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claims that he didn’t realize that these hits weren’t being flagged. He’s become accustomed to players being monitored by referees on the field and assumed that the same was happening at home to keep things fair and safe.

“Too bad we can’t have referees in the homes of all these players,” said Goodell in an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post. “When a player makes illegal contact on the field they get automatically penalized right away. In fact, if they are too brutal they get kicked off the field. I was unaware that such hits weren’t being monitored in the same regard in players’ home lives. No one is there to throw a yellow flag to let them know that what they are doing is wrong. You should never hit a woman, and you most certainly should never ever hit a child. They can’t even remotely defend themselves, especially from these giant players. I was under the assumption that they were being flagged for these illegal hits. Now that this has been brought to my attention, I will be certain to make the proper adjustments.”

Something tells me this is Goodell dodging the issue and playing naive again, but the wave of recourse currently coming through the NFL is certainly a step in the much awaited proper direction now that everything is being exposed.

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