Fox News Busy Prepping Critique Of President Obama’s Suit Ahead Of Tonight’s Speech


Fox News knows what matters most regarding President Obama’s speech about ISIS tonight — his suit.

They have been working diligently for the past two days coming up with various forms of criticism regarding the president’s attire. This hard-hitting journalism is truly what matters most.

Ever since the tan suit debacle from a few weeks ago, Fox News would make the recently departed Joan Rivers proud with their best and worst suits lists for the president to wear. They have become experts at revealing which combination of suit-tie-lapel pin is the most and least patriotic.

Fox News has even sent a “Patriot-Fashion” correspondent to the White House ahead of time to try and gain access to tonight’s wardrobe and break the hard-hitting news to America first.

All of America holds their breath in hopes that President Obama’s suit will be not just patriotic, but “Founding Fathers” patriotic. We’ll all just have to wait and see.

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