Eric Cantor Excited To Continue Working For Wall Street


After Rep. Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) stunning defeat in the GOP Congressional primary held earlier this year he quickly began to look for future employment. As luck would have it, it appears he’s found a job to fulfill his life’s work up until this point — working for Wall Street.

“It was really just the next logical step,” said Cantor in an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post. “I’ve worked for so many years making sure Wall Street gets all the breaks as Main Street flounders, so coming to work for a giant Wall Street banking firm made perfect sense. Now I can put all my years of experience crafting the breaks into working with them hands on and benefit from the fruits of my labor from my time spent in the House.”

Cantor, a lawyer, doesn’t really have any experience working for an investment firm, but since he’s been on the back-end of so many breaks and subsidies, they feel he’ll be able to saunter into the role quite nicely while keeping his Washington connections.

In a final statement to FWP, Cantor stated, “I’m so excited to continue my work for Wall Street.”

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