GOP Certain President Obama’s Taupe Suit Means He Hates America


Earlier today President Obama spoke to the press regarding unfolding developments abroad. However, the bigger issue to many Republicans was that the president wore a taupe suit.

“What kind of president wears taupe?” said Speaker John Boehner (R-OH). “He should be wearing a blue suit with a white shirt and a red tie… every time. This is America after all. Why does he make visible his hatred for the greatest nation on earth.”

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) said, “It’s an atrocity is what it is. Taupe? On our leader? It makes him look weak and feckless. As though he would just allow anyone to walk all over us. Putin would never wear Taupe.”

“I would never wear a taupe suit there,” said Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). “I would never wear it anywhere. I would not wear it on that stage. I would not wear it at any age. I would never wear a suit so informal. His hatred for our nation isn’t normal.”

“I liked his suit,” said Sarah Palin. “I liked it better on my daughters Ken doll from the 90s, but he pulled it off. Hahaha… gosh darnit.”

Who knew the formal wear of the Commander-in-Chief would be so controversial?

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