Poll Shows Only Police Americans Trust Is Rock Band From 80s




The only Police America trusts

The shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in the small town of Ferguson, Missouri and the brutish police response to the protests that followed  has rocked the nation. Americans watched in horror as Ferguson’s over-militarized police, with armored vehicles and grenade launchers in tow, looked more like troops battling insurgents in Afghanistan than a local police unit quelling protests.

Consequently, the public’s trust and faith in the police to faithfully enforce the law and serve and protect is at an all time low.  These dramatically shifting attitudes are reflected in a recent poll.

When it comes to Americans trust in the police, a Gallup poll shows that the only police a majority of Americans now trust is the rock band from the 80s.

 “It’s really a shame that they broke up since I really trusted that they would be  protecting and watching over me,” said one respondent.

Sting, the front man for the 80s rock band, was not available for comment when asked if whether he would get the band back together.


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