Bachmann claims, “Dirty Immigrants Gave Her Ebola”


Minnesota Republican Representative Michele Bachmann announced in a press statement Friday that she has Ebola.

According to the statement Bachmann felt unwell earlier in the week and consulted her physician, Dr. Stewart Riley, who gave her the Ebola diagnosis.

Ebola has been the hot topic in the news lately as there is an epidemic in Western Africa. Ebola is 90% fatal and has no known treatment. Symptoms include: internal and external bleeding, high fever and vomiting.

There was some concern as to how the one time presidential candidate would have come into contact with the deadly disease.

FWP was able to contact Bachmann for a phone interview and ask her about how she thought she was infected.

“It’s those dirty immigrants coming over the border from Mexico all willy nilly. Their germs get into the air currents and brought it right to Minnesota. This is all Obama’s fault, now countless Americans are going to die. His inability to secure the border has given me Ebola.”

FWP post also contacted Dr. Riley to confirm the diagnosis. In a short conversation he laughed hysterically and said, “E Coli, I told her she has E Coli.”

E Coli is a fairly common ailment often caused by eating fruits or vegetables that haven’t been properly washed.

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