Trump To Build New Luxury Apartments: Back Alley Entrance For The Poor


Donald Trump has announced he will build five new luxury apartment buildings in the heart of Manhattan with separate entrances and elevators for the poor tenants.

Earlier this week the New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development approved the Extell Development Company’s bid to build a high-rise apartment building featuring fifty-five low-income units among the complex’s 219 luxury units. Extell caused controversy when they building plans showed a separate entrance for the low-income renters.

Now that Extell’s bid has been approved by the city, Trump was quick to get on board with his own building plans.

His five new buildings will feature a back alley entrance for the low-income renters where they will take a service elevator to their third floor apartments. By providing the minimum amount of affordable housing, Trump will score millions in tax breaks.

The average price for a unit in the new Trump complex is rumored to be in the 1.5 to 2 million dollar range. Of course, the low-income units will not be so luxurious and the tenants will not be allowed to use any of the buildings amenities.

When asked why he wanted to follow Extell’s lead and have separate entrances and force everyone to live the third floor, Trump had this to say,

“I’m doing a great thing for this city. I didn’t have to put low-income units in my building. They should be happy they have it. There is no reason however for the normal wealthy people who pay their hard-earned money for a nice apartment to have to be bothered with the riff-raff.”

“They are on the third floor because our market research has shown that the poor are very unhygienic and don’t bathe regularly. They also have a tendency to boil cabbage for dinner. We didn’t want any of those odors wafting down into the lobby area.”

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