New Study Finds Telling Your Kids About Gay People Won’t Scar Them For Life

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A groundbreaking study was recently conducted by Harvard University to determine what impact, if any, being exposed to homosexuality had on children. For years there has been claims that exposing children to homosexuals at a young age would scar them for life, but according to Dr. Stone who conducted the study that is simply not the case. Along with his partner Dr. Wall they interviewed 1,000 adults as well as 1,000 teenagers, to determine how much homosexuality they had been exposed to as well as how it had impacted their lives as teens and adults. Here are some of the things the study concluded:

  • Being around homosexual people doesn’t “turn kids gay.”
  • Being around homosexual people won’t scar children for life.
  • The children of homosexual parents aren’t any more likely to be homosexual themselves.
  • Most homosexuals had heterosexual parents.
  • Homosexuals are not more likely to molest children.
  • Telling your kids homosexuals exist won’t cause Armageddon.
  • Children who bully LGBT children are more likely to grow up and become lousy adults.
  • Men who constantly bash homosexuals are often likely to be closeted homosexuals themselves.
  • Homosexual people aren’t more likely to use drugs or alcohol.
  • Kids who are tolerant of LGBT people are more likely to turn out as happy, well-adjusted adults than kids who are homophobic.
  • Being exposed to LGBT people makes kids more likely to be tolerant.
  • Having a homosexual family member makes you more likely to be tolerant of LGBT people.
  • People who bash LGBT people are usually just miserable, horrible, people, who need to get a life and stop worrying about what consenting LGBT adults are doing.

Many members of the LGBT community as well as LGBT advocates are applauding this decision, however conservatives are far less happy about this news.

During an interview with Sean Hannity today, Michele Bachmann stated “gay people were sent here by Satan to trick us into turning our backs on Jesus,” to which Sean Hannity replied “this is truly, truly disgusting. Why am I being forced to accept that the image of two men kissing and gently caressing each other is normal? Every time I picture two men making sweet love to each other I get sick to my stomach. Slowly grinding on each other, kissing each other gently, it’s disgusting! God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

After hearing news of the verdict Hobby Lobby announced plans to immediately take a case to the Supreme Court, claiming it’s their religious right to discriminate and harass gay people.

Despite conservative backlash, intelligent people are grateful that this study has confirmed what they have been saying for years.

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