Wal-Mart Declares Itself to be a Christian Scientist to Avoid Providing Any Medical Insurance


It didn’t take long. Following on the heels of last week’s disastrous decision in the Hobby Lobby case that opened the door for corporations to impose their religious beliefs on their employees and opt out of paying for certain insurance benefits; Wal-Mart has gone a step further.

CEO Douglas McMillon announced today that the world’s largest public corporation, Wal-Mart had become a Christian Scientist and would no longer offer any medical insurance to any of its 2 million employees.

Christian Scientists believe that the power of prayer alone can cure all illness and injury.

When asked when the Walton family (the founders and 50% stakeholders in the corporation) converted to this new religion, McMillon was quick to clarify. “The Walton family are all good Christians; it’s the corporation itself that has converted to Christian Science. As stated in the Supreme Courts Citizens United ruling, “Corporations are People”, as such the Wal-Mart Corporation has decided that its religious leanings are more aligned with that of Christian Scientists.”

Some of the stores have already begun re-branding. The iconic sunburst portion of the Walmart logo has been replaced with the Christian Scientist logo.

This is just the first of what will be likely a flood of Biblical proportions of corporations changing religion to avoid providing heath care.

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