Clamnado Hits Boston


You’ve heard of the science fiction movie Sharknado, where Los Angeles is besieged by tornadoes flinging angry great white sharks into the unsuspecting populace? Well, Boston just got a taste of flying sea food. We’re calling it CLAMNADO!

A severe storm has been making its way up the eastern seaboard for the last couple of days. It made landfall in Boston earlier today. Many Bostonians were surprised by the tornado alerts going off throughout the city. What was more unexpected was that while they sought shelter in their basements the tornado skimmed the coastline and managed to pick up millions of clams. When the funnel died out over the city, it deposited millions of the mini mollusks all over town.

We can only hope that while the residents of this fair city are still hunkered down due to the storm, they take the time to hollow out some bread bowls. It’s going to be one hell of a clam bake.

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