Sarah Palin Says Independence Day Is For Remembering When Jesus Led The Revolution (IMAGE)

Sarah Palin, who is not always known for her historical accuracy, made the claim today that the Founding Fathers had help from Jesus while fighting the revolutionary war. The following quote was posted on her facebook page:

Palin Quote

The post was quickly removed by her admin team but we were able to get a screenshot of it shortly after it was posted. We asked some of her fans to comment and this is what they had to say:

“I’m glad we have a politician who is willing to tell the truth about how history happened. Too often our politicians are removing Jesus from our history books.” -Muriel L

“As much as I love Palin she’s wrong about this one. She’s thinking of the Civil War when Jesus came down to help Abraham Lincoln and Red Bull defeat General Custer.” -Adam H

“Is what she said anything worse than what the Kenyan usurper has said? The demon in the White House hasn’t even accepted Jesus into his heart. I’m glad Jesus helped us win the revolution. Hopefully he’ll help us in the second revoultion against Barack Osama.” -Edith C

As most Americans know any mention of Jesus predates the discovery of America by centuries.


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