Woman Claims Hillary Clinton Called Her A “Meanie” In Elementary School


In what may be a deal breaker for former Secretary Clinton’s hopes of running for the Oval Office, a woman has brought up some revealing and fierce allegations stemming from Hillary’s younger years.

Nancy Dublegänger, of Park Ridge, Illinois, has revealed that then Hillary Rodham on January 16, 1956 approached her on the playground at their public school and called her a “meanie”.

“It was completely unprovoked,” said Dublegänger in an exclusive interview with Free Wood Post. “I was minding my business playing jacks with my best friend Jillian and all of a sudden she just walked up to me and said I took her purple crayon. Why would I take her purple crayon? I had my own. She was just out to get me. It really shows the sort of accusatory character she shows towards others, and really, what kind of leader would that be? Always blaming others for things they didn’t do. Who does she think she is, modern day Republicans? Ugh. I just can’t see her as president if she wants to go around calling people meanies.”

Sean Hannity said on his radio program, “It just shows what kind of woman Hillary is. She’s always out to get others and only in it for herself. She doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts as so long as she comes out ahead. And really, “meanies”? Is that what she’s going to call Putin and other leaders in the Mideast? C’mon now.”

As this is a developing story, Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as details emerge.

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