NRA Endorses Child-Sized Body Armor For Going To School


The NRA, in an effort to make you believe they actually care about your children, is getting behind a new line of child-sized body armor manufactured by several of the same companies that put out the guns and ammo you’ll be protecting your children from.

They realize they created the need, and now they’ll be “fixing” it. At least according to NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre.

“We’re well aware of the upsurge in school shootings across the nation. The last thing we want is for people to think we don’t care. That’s why we’re putting forth an effort at fixing the situation. Everyone deserves to have an unlimited supply of firearms and ammo, as so declared by the Second Amendment, but people also deserve to have their children be safe. This new line of body armor, in all sorts of fun colors, should put a lot of parents minds at ease as they send their children off to school each day. So no more saying we don’t give a damn, okay? (Chuckling)”

With sales always being the top priority of the NRA, these new products are sure to bring forth a hefty additional stream of revenue.

We’ll keep you updated as this new line of body armor hits stores near you.

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