Obama: ‘What should I have done, secretly sold them 1500 missiles?’


In a press conference Thursday morning, President Obama addressed the criticism he’s been receiving from the right regarding the deal made to release and retrieve Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

“Listen, I did what needed to be done. What congress wouldn’t do, and what our nation always does — get our troops home. Do you think I’m so naïve to blindly just hand over five detainees without proper preparation? Seriously?! C’mon now. What should I have done, sold them 1500 missiles? What to only have them get more hostages? We all know how that works out. Republicans were all for Sergeant Bergdahl’s release until it actually happened. They were already preparing talking points and headlines that I abandoned a US soldier. He’s coming home. If there’s an investigation to be made as to why he went missing, then it will be done, but we don’t leave people behind. We just don’t.”

In his statement, President Obama was referring to the behind the scenes arms deal that happened in the mid-1980’s under Reagan to get back three American hostages, to only be replaced with three more hostages. The under cover deal was to later be known as the Iran-Contra Affair.

It is of concern to both the president and we here at Free Wood Post that conservatives seem to be suffering from Amnesia. Thank goodness Obamacare covers that.

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