Gay Agenda Suspected in Reading Rainbow Campaign


A Louisiana pastor has cited LeVar Burton’s recent Kickstarter campaign to relaunch “Reading Rainbow” across all digital platforms as more evidence of a widening war by homosexuals upon decent American society.

Reverend Henry Jefferson, leader of a rural congregation of Pentecostals in eastern Louisiana, addressed the matter with his flock this past Sunday.

“Just as the lion comes dressed in lamb’s clothing, such it is with this so-called reading campaign. Whenever I hear anyone suggesting that we should read stuff, I’m immediately suspicious. Now I loved that guy as Carlton on ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ just like the rest of you surely did. Oh how funny he was with his dancing and his love of Tom Jones. Heck, excuse my French, but I love Tom Jones myself. But you know, I don’t LOVE him, love him. But even then I could tell he was dancing a little too well, if you know what I mean. A man just don’t dance that well on his own if he’s a real man.

So I tell you that here the devil is hiding in plain sight. Dressed in a rainbow. The sign of the homosexual. Everyone knows that God warned Noah of the homosexual with his sign of the rainbow. How blind can we be? Reading and rainbows are two of the gayest things known to man! There’s even a butterfly in the logo, which is the gayest insect. Well, top three at least. Tell me…what good has ever come from reading, anyway? The bible is the only thing worth reading… and no don’t bother reading it…Don’t worry, I’ll tell you what’s in it.”

Jefferson warns to keep your children away from anything resembling a book or anything with more than two colors arranged in a striped fashion.

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