Snowden on Released Intel: ‘My ego was hungry and needed to be fed’


In a sit down interview with NBC’s Brian Williams, Edward Snowden revealed a lot about why he has done what he did regarding releasing national intelligence information to the public.

“My reasoning is simple, I wanted to be noticed. I knew I had a job that required secrecy, but my ego was hungry and needed to be fed. I wanted the world to know how remarkable I am. That’s why I only let out pieces of info a little at a time. Gotta keep my name in the news. Besides, I love the way I look in pictures. Even though only one has really been shown, but it’s a good one. I could’ve just released everything at once and faced the music, but I don’t look good in prison orange, so I couldn’t have that. I went to Russia because Putin has an ego just like me and we are here being marvelous together.”

Brian Williams then called Snowden a “narcissistic idiot” and left the interview immediately.

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