Amidst Recalls — FDA Announces ‘Safe Food’ List


After a recent flurry of food recalls, the FDA has decided that it would be easier to release a list of foods that are deemed safe. This move comes after people across the nation learned that their beef and water was full of E. Coli (in simple terms–sh-t), and the hummus on their pitas, the walnuts in their cookies, and the brussel sprouts on their sandwiches were contaminated.

In regards to this list, the FDA released the following statement:

“Going forward, we will no longer announce food recalls. Rather than waiting to hear what’s been contaminated, Americans can see and keep a simple list of what’s NOT contaminated.  Food that is not on this safe list should be considered at-risk. The safe list will be updated on a weekly basis and can be downloaded on the FDA website.”

Will this safe list make the public feel better?  FWP obtained a draft of next week’s safe list showing items such as saltine crackers, canned pinto beans from 1996, M&M’s, and ration packs from WWII.

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