Some States To Bring Back Crucifixion After Botched Lethal Injection


In an effort to no longer have failed attempts at killing someone via execution, several states are considering eliminating lethal injection in favor of crucifixion.

Reasoning behind the change is two-fold, they no longer want botched executions like the one recently in Oklahoma, and they feel it is more humane to execute people in a “Christian way.”

One state legislator from Tennessee stated, “Our Lord and Savior perished upon the cross. There is no more humane way to execute someone than via the way Christ died for our sins.”

“We can’t let people suffer,” said another legislator from Texas. “We have to think about it logically. Crucifixion worked for a very long time in the past. It should definitely be reconsidered.”

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as this story unfolds, and if the Crucifixion legislation goes forward in these states.

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