Ann Coulter: ‘Women and blacks should be required to take IQ tests to vote’


Conservative personality Ann Coulter is in hot water again after exclaiming during a round table on voting that, “Women and blacks should be required to take IQ tests to vote.”

The discussion had become rather heated regarding the Republicans attempts to swing elections in their favor by redistricting and requiring voter ID laws. Many of those laws have been struck down in the courts as being too discriminatory to minorities, the elderly and students, which was exactly the GOP’s aim. Those demographics tend to vote, on average, democratic.

Since many of the Republican’s attempts to control votes have been thwarted by the courts and recent polling shows that once safe Republican seats are now in danger, the panel was asked what could be done to ensure Republican wins.

That’s when Coulter piped up with her comment. Her reasoning, “If only people of reasonable intelligence are allowed to vote, the elections would be a Republican sweep. People that vote Democratic are inherently stupid; especially Obama’s base of blacks and women. Take them out of the voting pool and you assure Republican victories across the board.”

The problem with her reasoning is that it is entirely untrue. Intelligence studies conducted by Psychology today in 2011 showed that on average, persons with conservative values and voting records tend to have IQ’s ranking 20 points below those with liberal views.

If Coulter’s fantasy of basing the right to vote on minimum IQ levels were to come to pass, it would contrary to her hope, eliminate most of the Republican base.

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