Men Kicked Out Of Prom For Never Learning How To Respect Women


At a prom in Virginia several male chaperones and students were escorted out of the event. They were seen being extremely disrespectful to several teenage girls.

As the teens took to the dance floor, some female students were in tightly fitting attire, and allegedly several male chaperones as well as quite a few male students couldn’t stop ogling and making discourteous statements to the girls.

Witnessing what was happening was a local police officer who was there to keep an eye on things, and two female chaperones.

Upon confronting the men, they were quickly escorted out of the prom venue, ordered to take classes in civility, and stop being dirty old men. The male students were brought home where their parents were scolded for raising such douchebag, disrespectful sons.

Once the perverts were out of the prom everyone was able to have a wonderful rest of their evening.

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