Man Who Thinks People Hate Him For His Religion Is Really Just An Asshole


Jerry Waterstoop, of Herringmont Pennsylvania has a very strong opinion regarding the LGBT community. He believes people should have the right to discriminate against them, prevent them from marrying, adopting, buying a house, etc. He is adamant that his religion is against homosexuality, and that is why he wants to ban the LGBT community from civilization.

“I don’t want these folks in my town, I don’t want them in my nation. I keep being told that I’m a bigot. How am I a bigot when it’s just my opinion. Am I not allowed an opinion? Am I not allowed free speech? Is this not America?! Geez, I’m just expressing my right as an American to live by the religion I know in my heart is fact. Why do people hate me just because I follow a faith? Gay people getting married and raising children isn’t okay, and my opinion is what matters most. Freedom is only for people who follow my exact religion. That’s it! No exceptions! I don’t hate gay people, I just don’t want them around.”

What Waterstoop doesn’t seem to realize is that freedom is for everyone, regardless of religion. Even the U.S. Constitution holds the equal protections clause and says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” Now, Mr. Waterstoop has the “free exercise” to do as he chooses on his own personal time, but wanting to legislate discrimination based on personal religious values isn’t expressing ones opinion, but legislating hate of others not just like him, which makes him, to put it simply, an asshole.

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