Republicans And Fox News Nervous About Running Out Of Scandals


A recent memo between Congressional Republicans and Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch revealed an intense urgency to come up with more Obama administration scandals.

“Rupert, they’re debunking everything. Everything! From the IRS, to Obamacare, and now Benghazi. We can’t lose Benghazi! Please PLEASE keep talking about Benghazi as long as you can. Make shit up if you have to. You’ve done a great job so far. We’ll work over here on our side to scrap together something new. Maybe we should have a brainstorming session. Time is ticking though, pretty soon even the birthers aren’t going to buy this Benghazi coverup thing anymore.”

Only time will tell what the next supposed “scandal” will be to try and tarnish the image of the Obama administration. Not to mention their urgency to keep Hillary Clinton from winning in 2016.

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