Polar Ice Melt Releases Deadly Virus: GOP Chair of Science Committee Says, “Pray it away”


Chairman of the Congressional Committee on Science, Space and Technology, Lamar Smith (R-TX) has refused to even hear any of the evidence that has been brought before the committee concerning the outbreak of a new deadly virus. The Congressman stated his religious views didn’t allow for the discussion.

It started over a year ago when climatologists and biologists working in Greenland discovered an as yet unknown virus held dormant deep within the ice sheet. As they melted the core sample to get a better look at the specimen, something quite unexpected happened. The virus reanimated.

While this particular virus did not affect humans, it prompted the scientists to warn that should climate change remain unchecked and the rapid melting of the polar ice caps be allowed to continue, it could expose a new virus that humanity would be unprepared to fight.

They brought their concerns, along with a proposal to rapidly eliminate the use of fossil fuels to help slow the advance of climate change, before the Congressional Science Committee chaired by Smith. Despite protests by the Democrats on the committee, the scientists concerns were largely ignored.

Now, little more than a year later the scientist’s worst fear has come true. A virus has been exposed in the melting glacial ice that dates back nearly 66 million years to the end of the Cretaceous period.

It was first discovered when over half the scientific team studying the area became violently ill and had died within three days of exposure.

Initial tests at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) show that the virus, now being called the “Green Virus”, named for the location it was found, is highly contagious and very aggressive. It attacks all systems of the body simultaneously; decaying the healthy cells that surround it. The CDC has stated, “It is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Current approaches to developing a vaccine have not worked”.

FWP obtained the minutes from a closed door session held between the CDC and the Congressional Committee on Science. Dr. Tom Friedman of the CDC, came requesting immediate emergency funds to help develop a vaccine and set up FEMA triage care centers for the mass of cases expected. Below is an excerpt of the meeting just after Smith refused to hear any of the evidence.

Dr. Friedman: “I don’t think you understand. This is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. This virus is 66 million years old. Humans have no resistance. It could very well be what wiped out the dinosaurs.”

Con. Lamar Smith: “You see…right there is where you lost me. You’re talking nonsense. The Earth is only 6000 years old. Man and dinosaurs walked the earth together.”

Dr. Friedman: “We’re talking about a pandemic. We have already found cases in Indiana and Ohio. By our calculations we could have millions of infected and dying within three months. In six months a third of the world’s population could be dead.”

Con. Lamar Smith: “If millions die, then that’s God’s will. He will punish humanity for allowing homosexual marriage and abortion. The righteous will prevail through prayer.”

Congressman Lamar is a Christian Scientist that believes illness is an illusion cured through prayer. He refused to hear anymore of the evidence brought before the committee.

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