Grindr Adds Fuel to the Mozilla CEO Controversy


Mountain View, CA  (FWP)   April 2, 2014  –

Brendan Eich has been CEO of Mozilla less than one week, however the contentious debate surrounding his anti-gay views continues to grow larger.   On Tuesday the website Grindr became the second social networking site to release a public statement regarding Eich’s opposition of same-sex marriages. The controversy began last week when Mozilla, best known for the open source web-browser Firefox, announced that Mr. Eich would be their new CEO. On Monday the dating website OKCupid denounced Eich because of his previous anti-gay remarks and his prior support of Proposition 8. OKCupid also took the unusual step of suggesting that their users stop using Firefox as their web-browser. Today the controversy took an unexpected turn when Grindr, a popular “geosocial networking” mobile application, released a public statement that praised Eich’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

At Grindr we are very supportive of people who engage in anonymous sex, especially when those people are gay men who use our mobile app to hook-up. We believe that legalized same-sex marriage will inevitably lead to more long-term committed relationships by gay men.  Increasing numbers of those stable relationships are a direct assault on our business model. We praise Mr. Eich for his opposition to same-sex marriage because we believe it signals his implicit support of our mission to encourage and facilitate more anonymous sex between men. OKCupid may become the dating site preferred by men looking for ‘Mr. Right’; but Grindr will always be the first choice for men searching for ‘Mr. Right Now’.

The public statement from Grindr encouraged supporters of all types of casual sex to publicly share their admiration of Eich. We can think of no better tribute to Mr. Eich than the creation of hundreds of Grindr profiles using his name and image.The statement included advice for creating a unique username by combining Eich’s name with any sexual reference.  It suggested that photos of Eich could be “enhanced” to help make a profile that would attract the most attention.  The statement also recommended that all fictitious profiles prominently include the Twitter handles @BrendanEich, @Mozilla and @Firefox and the e-mail address


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