GOP: ‘Tax dollars should be for war and subsidies for the rich, not healthcare!’


WASHINGTON, DC — Many on the Republican side of the aisle are still up in arms about the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. They are most upset about the use of taxpayer dollars to fund it. Especially through the use of a mandate.

“How dare the president and other like-minded liberals expect people to be forced to buy health coverage,” said Speaker John Boehner. “Tax dollars should be for war and subsidies for the rich, not healthcare! We can’t be known worldwide as a nation that cares about it’s citizens. That goes against everything the United States stands for. We’re about war, invading countries for oil, and cushioning the pockets of our military contractor friends and oil tycoons. We’re about blaming the poor for what Wall Street did. That’s America! President Obama clearly doesn’t love America. That’s why we still must push to repeal the horrific law.”

“We have other countries to fund to secure our interests abroad,” said Senator Ted Cruz. “We can’t waste our time and money on petty things like health care and keeping U.S. Citizens healthy and alive. Ukraine, Israel, and plethora of other nations need our money, not Americans. Why should Americans get anything out of paying taxes? That money’s for us to use on our friends and interests.”

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