Fred Phelps Passes On International Happiness Day, Irony Too Much To Bear


People around the country were joyous after the death of Fred Phelps, the rabidly anti-gay founder of the “God Hates Fags” Westboro Baptist Organization that was notorious for picketing the funerals of soldiers, celebrities, and many others in the news. But after discovering that today was also International Happiness Day, the irony became too much to bear for many.

 “It’s really strange that it occurred today of all days,” said Randall Robertson, an openly gay man.“I mean, it’s almost like if Lindsey Lohan overdosed on O’Douls.”

Many others celebrating International Happiness Day were considering playing the powerball lottery.

“I was already celebrating happiness and now I just feel like I’ll explode,” said Erin Samson, a lesbian bartender. “The only other thing to do is to play the powerball lottery.”

The passing of Fred Phelps on this day just may have also killed irony, or at least put it on life support in the ICU.

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