Devastating Storm Warning: Los Angeles


Weather forecasters issued a dire warning for Los Angeles residents. Two massive storm fronts are making their way through the Pacific Ocean, the first is expected to make land fall as early as Wednesday evening and could drop up to a quarter-of-an-inch of rain.

The news had Angelino’s panicking as they raided local supermarkets for supplies and local sporting good stores for anything that floats.

Pasadena resident Ralph Waitie had this to say about the incoming storm, “I’m pulling my kids from school and the wife and I are going to hunker down as best we can. I’ve already purchased a zodiac boat and tied it to the roof of the house just in case the flooding hits us.”

To make matters worse, a second, more destructive storm is expected to roll in right on the tail of the first and could bring rainfall in the one to two inch range.

Ruth Babcock is getting her family out of town. “Los Angeles hasn’t seen rain that intense in decades. It’s liable to wipe out the city. We are going to ride it out in Vegas.”

Meteorologist Jonny Mountain confirmed the severity of the situation. “There could be great loss of life for those not prepared. A quarter-of-an-inch can collect and pool up. The technical term is puddle. People can easily slip in these puddles and drown in a matter of hours.”

We asked a New York native here on vacation if the impeding squall had him worried. “A quarter-of-an- inch? That’s the condensation on my car in the morning. WTF is wrong with you people?”

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