Largest Fossil Bed Ever Discovered Lies Directly Beneath Creationist Museum


PETERSBURG, KY — During excavation to extend their parking lot, Creationist Museum workers ran into a rather large problem. A backhoe ran into a huge bone that could not be moved.

News of the find spread quickly despite museum executive director Ken Ham’s attempt to remove the bone without letting outsiders hear of the discovery. University of Kentucky paleontologist Prof. Raymond Stiles was the first non-creationist scientist on the scene.

Initial carbon dating places the fossil at approximately 250 million years old and has now been identified as a portion of the spine of a brontosaurus. The brontosaurus is one of the largest known dinosaurs of the Jurassic period.

Upon further investigation researchers have discovered hundreds more fossils that extend directly under the Creationist Museum.

The irony has not been lost on the research team. The Creationist Museum contends that the earth is only 6000 years old and that man and dinosaurs walked the earth together.

When asked if he expected to find any human bones in the fossil bed Professor Stiles chuckled and said, “It would be a miracle if we did. This fossil bed appears to be one of the largest and richest ever discovered and dates to over 250 million years ago. Man and dinosaurs are separated by millions of years.”

As of this publication a bitter battle is brewing between the scientists who want to continue the excavation, which would entail tearing down the museum to access the fossil bed and the Creationist Museum, which is run by the Christian Apologetics Ministry, who maintain that the fossils in their parking lot don’t actually exist.

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