Heterosexual Marriage Key Issue Now In Several States


Across the nation the fate of marriages between heterosexual couples lay in the balance.

Several states are noticing opposite sex couples wanting to get married and according to the law, they are allowed to. However, there are some that want to put hetero marriage up for a vote this November citing the number of divorces soon thereafter.

“Why do they even bother getting married?” said Eve Rungleburtz of Warwick, RI and the chapter president of ‘Marriage is Forvever So Mean It’ (MIFSMI). “All they do is make a bad name of it, getting quickly married and then an even faster divorce. Every marriage should be put up for a vote before they are allowed to walk down the aisle. They should be judged by a panel of their peers to see if they’ll last, and if they don’t seem likely to stay married it won’t be allowed. I think this is really the only way to combat the atrocity of heterosexual divorces ruining the fabric of society. It even says divorce is against God’s plan in the Bible. It’s unnatural. It’s a no brainer. Time to let the citizens of every state vote on every marriage before anyone can walk down the aisle.”

Rungleburtz is trying to get the MIFSMI backed initiative on the ballot in several states, including most of New England, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii, Idaho and especially Utah, because Utah seems to care the most about the sanctity of marriage.

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as we watch and wait to see if heterosexual marriage ends up in the hands of the voters.

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