Curling Teams Call Ice Dancing “A Bullshit Sport”


A rift has developed between participants of some of the most popular events in this year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It all began when some fans in the stadium of a curling semifinal left early in order to see the ice dancing final in another venue.

“Are you not entertained?” shouted one of the curling skipper. He further insisted that, yes, he really is a ‘skipper’ even though no boat appeared to be present.

“You’re going to see ICE DANCING? What a bullshit sport!

“It’s just dancing.  On the ice. Anyone could do that!”

” My grandmother was dancing on a cruise ship last summer. Anything you can do on a cruise ship is not a sport!”

“And they use skates on the ice. Using skates is cheating. Here we are talking about some of the finest athletes on the planet, and we don’t use skates! And don’t get me started on how intricate our strategy is. I mean, if they have one of their thingies in there, we’ve got to, you know, knock it out with one of our thingies.”

Only Canadian ice dancer Greg Palmer would take the bait. He answered back that before becoming involved in ice dancing, he used to be into curling, “in my grandmother’s basement… only she called it shuffleboard.”

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