CONFIRMED: Universal Health Coverage Helps Win Gold Medals


SOCHI, RUSSIA — Up until the last 4 minutes of the women’s hockey final it looked as though the United States had the gold medal wrapped up and ready to be taken back home. However, due to what can only be assumed as the medical condition choking, the U.S. started to lose their grip of Olympic triumph.

Their opponent, Canada, due to the universal health coverage in their nation, was able to avoid the medical condition of choking. In fact, they were able to strike upon U.S. weakness and get two goals within three and a half minutes, one with only 54 seconds left on the clock.

As both teams headed to sudden death overtime, the team with universal health coverage prevailed scoring another goal during a four on three power-play giving Canada their fourth consecutive gold medal. There was really nothing the U.S. women could have done, and let it be a lesson to USA to immediately implement universal health coverage, so a travesty like this never occurs again.


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