United States Taxpayers To Sue Rand Paul For Wasting Their Time And Money


It appears Rand Paul thinks suing President Obama and his administration for something which began under the Bush administration, and legal under current law, is a good use of taxpayer funds.

Senator Paul, paid by the taxpayers, wants to sue the government for massive data collection done by the NSA since 2006. This lawsuit will need to be defended with the use of taxpayer funds.

Paul doesn’t quite realize that he’s in the legislative branch of government and holds he power to introduce legislation to limit the NSA.

In reaction to Senator Paul’s complete imprudence, the United States taxpayers plan to sue the junior senator from Kentucky.

Taxpayers are tired of having their tax dollars wasted on bullshit lawsuits that have no reason to be done other than for the purpose of grandstanding and hoping to look powerful and thoughtful before the 2016 presidential election.

Part of the lawsuit will also include when Sen. Paul filibustered for nearly a day, for absolutely no purpose, and wasted more taxpayer money.

U.S. Taxpayers v. Rand Paul is set to begin in the next few months. The taxpayers are seeking all salary money he’s earned as a senator, all legal fees, and all the money it took to hold the filibuster and legal proceedings for a lawsuit that is utter poppycock.

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