Michelle Bachmann Injured in Freak Twerking Accident While Marcus Wins First Prize


A reliable source within Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s Washington D.C. office has confirmed that the Tea Party leader and Congresswoman was slightly injured what is being called a freak twerking accident at a Martin Luther King Day photo-op.

Apparently Rep. Bachmann and her husband Dr. Marcus Bachmann were attempting to engage the crowd and join in a Martin Luther King Day Celebration at a Citizen’s for Prosperity Rally that was closed to the media and oddly enough it was noted that the Citizens for Prosperity forgot to invite any members of the African-American Community to speak at the their Martin Luther King Day celebration. One of the keynote speakers was Tea Party Leader Ken Crow who gave a controversial speech at a Tea Party Rally last year likening immigration to breeding Secretariat to a donkey and advocating eugenics.

The night was capped off with entertainment by Hank Williams Jr., Ted Nugent and the conservative rap group, The Young Cons. The entertainment also included a twerking contest that Dr. Marcus Bachmann was extremely enthusiastic about and was the one who apparently coaxed Rep. Bachmann into entering. The high-powered political couple seemed to impress the extremely conservative crowd. Rep. Michelle Bachmann apparently injured her back while twerking to the The Young Con’s conservative rap hit, “Koch Party.” She was not rushed to the hospital but it is reported she sought medical care discreetly with her private physician. It was also reported the Dr. Marcus Bachmann took home first prize in the contest.

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