Megyn Kelly: “Every Significant Historical Figure Has Been White”


Megyn Kelly of Fox News is at it again. Just last week she faced a public backlash when she announced that both Santa and Jesus were white. She tried to backtrack on the comment after many late night comedians used her as fodder for their shows, pointing out that one, Santa isn’t real and the historical figure he is based on Saint Nicholas was Turkish and likely brown skinned and two, that Jesus was Middle Eastern and also brown skinned. She claimed on her next show that it was all just a joke but her true colors came out on last night’s show when the cameras turned off but her mic was still on.

The panel which included Bernard Whitman, a Democratic strategist, Arthur Aidala, a legal analyst for Fox and Monica Crowley, a conservative commentator had just finished a heated debated about the suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson for making anti-gay comments. They argued about 1st amendment rights.

When the segment concluded Whitman asked Kelly if she thought her erroneous comments about Santa and Jesus would fall under protected speech. That’s when everything went horribly wrong for Kelly. Not realizing her mic was still on and she was being recorded, she announced that she stood by her statements and thought it was ridiculous that she had to apologize. She continued stating, “Look, every significant historical figure has been white.”

Whitman was understandably shocked and countered with, “What about Gandhi?” Kelley fired back, “He was obviously white. Everyone knows that.” Aidala and Crowley agreed with Megyn’s analysis. Whitman shot back again with a list of influential figures, “Martin Luther King, Mandela, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Cleopatra.” Her response sent Whitman storming out of the studio. “I said significant. None of those people are significant.”

No word yet about how Fox News is going to handle this situation. If those in charge run true to form Kelly will likely get a bonus.

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