GOP Puts Phil Robertson As Lead Contender For Oval Office In 2016


Amidst the controversy regarding the suspension of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson after his homophobic remarks, the GOP, never failing to be the opportunistic lovers of bigotry that they are, think they may have finally found their candidate for 2016.

“He’s perfect,” said RNC Chair Reince Priebus. “Just look at all the love from conservatives and media attention he is receiving. He’ll undoubtedly give any Democratic candidate a run for their money. He’s adored by millions. Millions who share his hatred for anyone who is different from themselves. Now that he’s out of work, we may put him up in a local election to get his feet wet for the day he steps into the Oval Office. This is all very exciting.”

Free Wood Post has been unable to contact Mr. Robertson for comment to find out if even he’d be interested in the role of politician and leader, but we’ll keep you up to date as his journey to the Oval Office may become a reality… Well at least in he minds of the narrow-minded, outdated, and completely out of touch individuals who have no idea how the majority of Americans really think in regards to equality.

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