700 Club Intern Fired For Saying We Should All Love Each Other


VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA – Andrea Bates, a 23-year-old intern working for the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “The 700 Club” was fired yesterday for controversial comments she made during the company Christmas party. After a lengthy group conversation about Muslims, atheists, and homosexuals, Bates interjected that maybe “we should just love each other no matter our differences” and “maybe we should treat homosexuals with respect.” This was apparently too much for company executives and Bates was fired the following morning.

Bates’ supervisor Tom Franks:

“Look, we’ve got a brand that stands for something here. There’s no room for loving each other. Especially Muslims, atheists, and homosexuals. If people find out that we’re talking about these kinds of ideas, or that we even have someone on the staff who is thinking this way, the brand suffers and we lose business. Loving everyone, especially hateful sinners who are going to hell is not good for business. These kinds of remarks might fly at A&E or The Travel Channel, but here at the Christian Broadcasting Network, this is not how we operate.”

CBN founder Pat Robertson was quick to add:

“This is not a free speech issue. Ms. Bates is free to hold these abhorrent views and even express them, but not while working in any capacity for Christian Broadcasting Network.”

Bates says she did not expect such a backlash and was surprised by the firing.

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