Phil Robertson Signed To Fox News After A&E Suspends Him For Homophobic Remarks


Fox News didn’t waste any time or ignore the obvious fit that Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame is for their channel.

Before the news even hit the wire that Robertson was suspended, News Corporation had the Louisiana native on the phone and inking a contract before anyone else could nab him.

A Fox News representative stated, “He fits our mission and message. We here at Fox News appreciate a man who’s not afraid to be homophobic. In fact, we welcome it. He also thinks African Americans were happy before they had rights. I mean… that’s practically our tag line for the channel.”

According to sources, Robertson’s show has the working title “Bigotry Corner With Phil Robertson” which will likely be a hit with the channel’s standard viewership of intolerant white conservatives over the age of 55.

Free Wood Post will keep you up to date as details emerge.

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