Rand Paul Encourages Jobless To Be Adopted By Wealthy People


Recently, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) spoke in Detroit, MI to allegedly give a message of hope and how to bring back the city from bankruptcy. His message included soliloquies of letting the free market go untethered to help give the city a boost. The same untethered free market that sent all the jobs away, purchased legislators, helped give breaks to the wealthy and monopolizing corporations, which in turn put a strain on funds and bankrupted the city.

Sen. Paul throughout his speech thought the jobless would be better off without jobless benefits and instead they should become adopted by the wealthy. He spoke from the heart saying, “I know how rough it is to try to make it on your own. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my father, his political pull, and millions of dollars. That’s why I’m encouraging the jobless not to strain our already dwindling resources, but rather find a wealthy family to adopt them. Having wealthy parents really helped me and I know it can help those who are hurting right now as well. Maybe then they can use the nepotistic path that I ventured on. They can further their education, pretend to be a doctor, and even maybe one day run for the United States Senate with the donors of even more wealthy people. Wealthy people really are the way to go. It worked for me. I didn’t even have to pull myself up by my bootstraps because I had someone lace them for me.”

After the speech was concluded, Sen. Paul met with members of the audience who were interested in becoming adopted by him, to which he stated, “I would if I could, buy I don’t want to, so I won’t.” When one member of the audience called Sen. Paul out on his hypocrisy Paul responded, “there there, I’m just not the wealthy guy for you, but I’m sure the right family is out there for you.” When another member of the audience said they would rather work but they can’t because the free, untethered market shipped his job away Paul said, “Well how do you think the obscenely wealthy became wealthy in the first place, somebody needed to get screwed over. Maybe the old CEO of your company will adopt you.”



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