Software Expert: Has Fewer Glitches Than GOP, Works More Than John Boehner


Despite all the vast server issues relating to the website of the Affordable Care Act, one software expert claims that  works more than Republican House Speaker  John Boehner and with less glitches than the entire Republican party.

Software Expert on

“I have been a software engineer and computer programmer for more that 30 years and have pretty much seen the worst of the worse. But I have never seen as many glitches than there are with the current Republican Party,” said Robert Jenkins, software engineer. 

And while there have been a great many tech issues pertaining to the sites work-ability for end users, Jenkins thinks that still works more than House Speaker John Boehner.

“I’m convinced that works more than Republican House Speaker John Boehner,said Jenkins.I also think it’s more user-friendly”.

This new information may cause problems for Republicans’ current efforts of pointing to all the glitches as indelible proof that Obamacare is a total government failure.





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