Referee Who Made Game-Changing Call In Patriots v. Jets Game: “I just hate Tom Brady”


EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ — In overtime during the New England Patriots vs. the New Jersey York Jets game, a referee called “unsportsmanlike conduct” on New England’s Chris Jones.

As it turns out, the moment umpire Tony Michalek realized the Jets were going to miss their field goal attempt to win the game, he immediately threw his flag and then had to quickly come up as to a reason why he did. He settle on “unsportsmanlike conduct” and said Chris Jones stacked up behind his teammate and pushed him forward. However, upon replay, Jones was behind his teammate and the shove is still in question. The other referees had to believe Michalek, and the penalty was given giving the Jets 15 yards and a second chance at victory. A few plays later the Jets did just that successfully completing a field goal from a much closer position on the field.

After the game, overheard on the sidelines by a Free Wood Post staff photographer, Michalek revealed to his fellow referees why he actually threw his flag. He allegedly stated, “I couldn’t stand to see the Patriots get another chance to win another game. Enough already. It’s the Jets turn and I just hate Tom Brady. He’s so good and pretty with a pretty wife and perfect life, I had to do something so I threw my flag and mentioned a rule nobody has ever used before and had them tweak it after the call knowing no one would question it. I’m not proud, but I’m not ashamed.”

It seems the Jets were definitely using their twelfth man today, and he was wearing a black and white uniform on the field.

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