Latest GOP Proposal Ends Shutdown In Exchange For Pony


House GOP leaders are furiously working on a deal that would reopen the government and avoid a potential first-ever U.S. default as soon as midnight, when the Treasury says the nation will be unable to borrow more money to pay its bills.

Speaker of the House John Boehner did not provide complete details but did admit that it included “a pony”.

Boehner: “Look, we’ve tried to attach the dismantling of Obamacare as part of the deal for raising the debt ceiling. It’s been a colossal failure, but we still need to get something out of this or we will look foolish. A pony accomplishes this goal.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, upon hearing the rumor, said, “Hell, we’ve wasted all of this time over a pony? We could have given them the pony a long time ago. We’ve endangered the full faith and credit of the United States over a stinking pony?”

Boehner added, “If we get this pony, we’ll be getting 98 percent of what we wanted.”

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