House Republicans: “Extortion is the American Way”


WASHINGTON D.C. — As the government remains shut down and the possibility of default looms ever closer to becoming a reality, House Republicans are not backing down, and they are not ashamed of their technique for getting what they want accomplished.

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) told Free Wood Post in an exclusive interview that he is proud of how the Republican party has held the United States hostage. “We know we’re only one half of one house of Congress, but that hasn’t stopped us from changing the rules to only suit our intentions. I mean the founding fathers would be proud, extortion is the American way. We will get what we want even if that means keeping the government shut down and defaulting on the payments of spending we already approved. The president is being completely unreasonable not bowing to our demands even after he’s given us everything we wanted in regards to spending. Democrats have this crazy notion that their tax dollars should be spent on them. That money is for corporate subsidies and war! We will hold the nation hostage until we get everything we want to get! I’m sure the American people will understand.” 

News of talks between the president and members of Congress have shown that there is no deal in sight to end the shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. However, hope is that this mayhem will all come to an end soon, hopefully leaving the nation’s economy relatively unscathed.

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