Things Just Got Real: Gov. Shutdown Has Stopped Production of Beer


Spontaneous riots have broken out all over the country in defiance of the Republican led government shutdown. Are they protesting for a clear budget resolution or for an immediate debt ceiling increase? No. They want their beer.

The TTD or Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau division of the Department of the Treasury has been closed due to the government shutdown. What does this mean? It means that there will be no new brewers. No new flavors (craft brewers make their bread and butter from funky seasonal flavors) and no new labels.

This was just too much to take for many Americans. Doug Hoffmeister of Wisconsin had this to say, “This is football season. You don’t f#%k with my beer during football season. Those government hoohaws can argue all they want but when it affects my beer, you better know I’ll be comin’ for ya. This country was built on hard work and beer. How am I supposed to tail-gate without a seasonal pumpkin spice lager?”

The shutdown is giving the craft brewers a real hangover as well. Some are losing up to $8000 a month waiting for the shutdown to end so they can market their new beers.

Just when you could use a drink the Republicans have found a way to rip it from your hands.

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