Obama Rejects Debt Ceiling Deal Requiring Him To “Just Let Ted Cruz Be President”


WASHINGTON D.C. — President Obama invited the entire Republican committee concerning the debt ceiling and continuing resolution over to the White House to try and work something out to finally get things in the federal government moving again.

During the meeting several senior Republican members showed a lot of promise that a deal could soon be met. However, one aspect of the deal just didn’t sit quite right with the president.

Apparently, Republicans are willing to pass a clean debt ceiling bill as well as a clean continuing resolution if President Obama would step down from office and let Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) become president.

“It’s really not that much to ask and a reasonable suggestion to get things within the government functioning again,” said Speaker Boehner in an interview to Free Wood Post. “I mean come on we’re gonna give the president everything he wants. All he needs to do is quit and just let Ted Cruz be president. I really see it as a win-win for everyone. I mean if we’re going to hold the nation hostage for getting rid of laws we can’t get rid of legally, why not raise the stakes and just get rid of the president illegally. It’s our time, really, and Teddy will make a great addition to the Oval Office.”

It seems not only is the GOP shameless in admitting they are holding the nation hostage, now they are willing to admit they are doubling down on the stakes and going for more.

Free Wood Post reached the White House for comment after the meeting concluded and was notified that President Obama completely rejects the notion that he would quit being President of the United States to appease unreasonable Republican leadership. President Obama said, “I will not bend over to delusional hostage tactics just because Republicans don’t know how to win elections and go about things the proper way anymore.” 

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