Republicans Accidentally Forget They Love War To Oppose Obama


House Republicans are furious at President Obama for ruining one of their cherished past times: unnecessary wars. As a result of Presidents Obama’s increasingly strong efforts towards getting Congressional Approval to launch a military assault on Bashar Assad’s Syria, Republicans have temporarily forgotten how much they love war in order to oppose the president.

It deeply saddens me that President Obama vigorously supports military action in Syria since I really used to love getting behind wars that broke the law of unintended consequences,” said Rep Bachmann (R-MN).

Several other Congressional Republicans also appeared ready and willing to forget their love of war to oppose Obama.

“We simply cannot let this president reach out to us,” said one irate House Republican.

Some House Republicans hinted that they may support military intervention in Syria if Bashar Assad were to do the unthinkable and implement Obamacare.

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