GOP: Repeal The 19th Amendment Because We Live In A Post-Gender Society


It would seem the GOP is looking to push their luck after the success of getting the Supreme Court to strike down crucial aspects of the Voting Rights Act which now allows states to write their own voting laws without approval from the federal government. Republicans are now seeking to also repeal the 19th Amendment.

The 19th Amendment grants everyone the right to vote regardless of gender, and now many conservatives feel it is no longer necessary. RNC Chair Reince Priebus is thinking of making the repeal of the 19th Amendment a key legislative issue for the upcoming 2014 voting cycle.

“We’re looking at an outdated amendment,” said Priebus to Free Wood Post in an exclusive interview. He went on to say, “It’s time to repeal the 19th amendment because we live in a post-gender society. Everyone sees women as equals, just look at the Republican party. There’s no need to have a specific amendment granting the right to vote based on gender. It’s ridiculous, really. And anyway, do women really want to vote? Men handled things before the 19th amendment, and they’ll be able to handle them after. I mean, the founders were all men. They successfully wrote our founding documents. I don’t understand why progressives feel the need to taint their sacred work. With the successful repeal of the 19th Amendment we’ll be able to move this country forward to become the vision it was intended to be in the first place.” 

Apparently, leaders in the Republican party feel that men will be able to be the voice of women without the interference of women trying to vote or become leaders themselves. It is interesting that they are trying to repeal the 19th Amendment as the top presidential hopeful for the Democrats in 2016 is Hillary Clinton. Only time will tell to see if the GOP will be successful in their endeavor to repeal the right for women to vote.

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