Republicans Vote To Waste More Time Repealing Other Laws


After reaching its 40th vote to repeal Obamacare, House Republicans have decided there are so many more important laws they can be wasting taxpayer time and money on with repeal votes.

“The Obamacare repeal ride was a lot of fun and wasted a lot of people’s time and money. but I just feel like there are way more important laws for us to be focusing our time and effort on with fruitless repeal votes,” said Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa)

Rep. King and many other House Republicans feel that they should instead be focusing their efforts on eliminating big government abuses such as child car seats and traffic lights.

” The President must believe in tyranny by keeping such laws as child safety seats and traffic lights in existence. We feel that your child can pull him/herself up by the boot straps and ride free in a vehicle,” said Rep. Gohmert (R-TX) Adding, “And while we’re at it, it’s about time we finally put an end to the big government gone wild traffic lights. They do nothing but encroach on Americans god given right to drive recklessly.”

House Republicans intend to halt all other government business until these draconian laws are repealed.

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