Weiner Asked To Exit Mayoral Race After All Weiner-Related Puns Exhausted


An entire nation is asking Anthony Weiner to exit the New York City mayoral race after every possible weiner-related sexual pun or play on words has been exhausted.

“Every possible combination of pun and sexual innuendo has been explored,” said a team of late night comedy writers in an official statement. “There’s nothing left.”

Even casual jokes on Facebook have been recycled repeatedly and beaten to death and now there’s absolutely nothing new to be explored.

“Look, the time to step down is now, ” said New Yorker Dick Koch. “I don’t care about his tweets or his pictures or anything. We just need to new material to work with. This is killing the country and we need to move on past this long national nightmare.”

In other news, a large national consortium has been formed to draft former football star Dick Butkus to run for mayor of Chicago.

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