Pope Francis: I’m Cool With My Gays, Not All Gays


In an effort to clarify his message Pope Francis told Free Wood Post that he wants to make clear that he was only speaking about homosexuals who choose to serve God within the Catholic Church as priests and abstain from all sexual intercourse.

“Here’s the thing, I’m cool with my gays, not all gays. I don’t judge the guys who choose celibacy and become priests over their desire to love someone of the same gender. That’s still working within God’s plan. I still think that allowing gay marriage goes against God and that gay adoption is destructive to children. I hope people didn’t get the wrong idea that I was condoning same-sex relations on a larger level. I still judge the crap out of those.”

Pope Francis hopes this new message reaches as broad of audience as his last message. He ended his interview with, “I hope I didn’t get too many people’s hopes up. If I did, I apologize. My bad.”

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