Mitt Romney: I Never Ran For President

It seems the 47 percent remarks aren’t the only thing Mitt Romney forgot doing. He is also denying ever running for president altogether.

“I don’t understand why everyone keeps asking me about how life after running for president is,” said Romney to Free Wood Post in an exclusive interview. “When did I run for president? Why would I run for president? That’s the worst job in the nation. The crap the person in that role has to put up with from Congress? Ugh. Nope, not me. I prefer living off the interest from money I already stole, I mean, erm, earned through my investments. Ann and I are quite content. Quite honestly, I wish everyone would just leave us alone.”

Besides not remembering running for president or the 47 percent remarks Romney also denies ever withholding tax information, sucking companies dry forcing them to go bankrupt, and business relations with China.

Time to get that man some ginkgo biloba.

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